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We specialize in acquiring and revitalizing distressed brands.

Our team, comprised of founders with a track record of success, excels in transforming struggling, loss-making brands into flourishing, profitable businesses.

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You've dedicated years and considerable effort, perhaps even secured funding, to grow your business into a venture generating between $0.5m to $10m in revenue.

However, it's not exactly as you had hoped. We understand because we've been there too.Your business is somewhat in limbo – too small to attract the attention of big investors and not profitable enough to interest brokers.

Every dollar earned has been reinvested, resulting in insufficient net income to sustain operations.This is the challenging middle ground.

We have a special interest in businesses in this situation, as we believe this is where our assistance can have the greatest impact.

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Within our fund, we have developed specialized departments focused on different aspects of brand growth and management, ensuring a comprehensive approach to take a struggling brand to profitable growth:

CMO: Our team consists of accomplished ecommerce brand founders renowned for their marketing expertise, adept at turning around struggling brands. They specialize in providing comprehensive marketing funnel analysis, strategic marketing assessments, and regular insights into consumer trends. Their skill in identifying and utilizing innovative marketing channels is aimed at steering brands towards profitable growth.

Growth Marketing Department: Our skilled team in this department manages all marketing channels including Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, Pinterest, SEO, CRO, and more, to deliver targeted and effective advertising campaigns.

Retention Marketing Department: Focused on customer loyalty, this team employs strategies ranging from email to SMS marketing to ensure that your customers remain engaged and continue to return.

Brand & Creative Strategy Department: Our brand team develops strategies that align with and support your brand's original vision and objectives.

Influencer Campaign Management Department: This department is dedicated to crafting and overseeing influencer campaigns that complement the brand's overall marketing strategy, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

Finance Department: Led by experienced professionals, focuses on re-structuring your company for maximum efficiency. This involves crafting and implementing strategies centered on cost management, cash flow optimization, and overall financial health, all with the objective of facilitating swift and sustainable business growth.

Operations Management Department: Handling logistics, supply chain, and e-commerce web development, this department focuses on optimizing the brand's operational structure to support and accelerate expansion, utilising tried and tested solutions.


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Our decision-making process is both swift and equitable. We aim to provide you with a definitive response and constructive feedback within a few days, assisting you in navigating towards the most favorable outcome for your situation. In cases where we are unable to assist, we have a network of contacts who may be better suited to help.

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